Framework Design



Tasked with redesigning our consumer mobile application after  3 months of User research. We gained a lot of knowledge about the problems, needs, and wants of our users. Our first step was to build a framework to support the rest of the application on.

The information architecture was built previous to this exercise.

Obligitory Reseasrch Photo

Obligitory Reseasrch Photo

Design Goals

  • Design a framework that allows users to quickly achieve top User Stories
  • Provide navigation throughout the app with lowest amount of user confusion and difficulty
  • Use a currently supported framework on iOS and Android platforms (added later)


  • Research current landscape of driving and navigation apps
  • Brainstorm different ways to display and organize information
  • Build prototypes
  • Test with new and current users
  • Begin building out other stories and pages with navigation framework that has the most successful results


We researched other navigation, driving, and traffic applications.


Here are some brainstormed images


Out of all the brainstorms, we decided to test the Tab and Menu Based approach for a few reasons:

  • Lower amount of confusion for current users
  • Cheaper for engineering (already built standards)
  • More scalable in the future 


  • 5~10 Participants per prototype
  • New and Current Users of the Application
  • After each task, have the user rate the perceived difficulty and their confidence in completion



  1. As a Busy Commuter I need a view my arrival time to different places so I can arrive on time
  2. As a Busy Commuter I need find the best time to leave for work so that I can spend less time in traffic
  3. As a Road Warrior I need a quick option to see route + traffic conditions to any new location
  4. As a Road Warrior I would like to know what my ETA is if I plan on leaving in 15 mins 
  5. As a Road Warrior I need the traffic conditions around me to I can make informed decisions
  6. As a Soccer Mom I would like to share my arrival time with my spouse when I get in the car on the way home. So that he can get my dinner started.
  1. Task:  Find a list of Arrival times for your favorite places
  2. Task:  Find the best time to leave for work.
  3. Task:  Find the fastest route to “Starbucks in Redmond"
  4. Task: Find your arrival time if you leave in 15 minutes. 
  5. Task:  Find a map that shows traffic conditions around you
  6. Task: Share your arrival time with your spouse

Results & Learnings

  • While Difficulty appeared to be slightly higher in 1 or 2 tasks in the tab-based navigation, user confidence was higher across the board
  • Tabs allow the user to see all available content before making a decision.
  • Users generally performed tasks quicker and with less uncertainty under tab navigation (great for driver safety)

Final Designs