On-Street Parking



Park Me's data on the left, INRIX's data on the right

INRIX acquired a parking company. Product and sales wanted to demo our new on-street parking data in our application as a proof of concept. 

Shown is ParkMe’s on-street parking data and INRIX’s map with it’s current parking lot data. 

Design Goals

  1. Create a design that can be implemented in one engineering release cycle (6 weeks)

  2. Integrate it with our current visual systems

  3. Create a system that shows only the minimum amount of information needed at the time


How does parking information become active?

Parking information turns on automatically when user hits a certain threshold. We will pop up a toast when the threshold is reached in order to inform them that we are loading information in the background. We experimented with buttons and switches to activate parking seemed but they seemed to clutter up the UI more than necessary. 

At what zoom level is parking information helpful

Multiple levels. Neighborhood level is when we hint at parking lots. Block level is when we hint at on street parking, begin to show “Macro POI” around user. Street level is when we show on street availability.

How much information is needed?

Neighborhood level all that’s needed is to hint at parking lots. This requirement is more for our sales department and less for our consumers. This helps our team show the breadth of parking without blocking too much UI.
Block level is when parking lots begin to show up as a larger POI. This is to help the user understand what the blue dots are and to help give them a larger touch target in which to access lot information. On street parking is “hinted” with a gray line. This is to help show users that there is more information without blocking traffic.
Street level is when we the most. The reason behind this is we assume this is when the user is doing the most decision making. On-street parking now has color to show availability and parking lots are snapped to their actual lat/long to show street position