OpenCar Integration


Most of OpenCar is currently not released to the public, so unfortunately I can't show much due to NDA agreements. However, I can tell you how briefly how awesome it is. 



We built POI, Music, Smart Home, and Navigation Applications on top of our platform. The trick is creating applications that differentiate themselves and their brand while still defining a strict set of driver safe and platform guidelines.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 9.48.03 AM.png


This was the look and feel of the interface. Each profile looked completely different than the one before, but was built on top of the same components. Our goal was to create different experiences, on top of a single code base of applications and services. 



What happens when you combine a plethora of applications, XFCD data, and great user stories? Incredibly rich driver services.  This is where the magic happened and truly differentiated our product from the competitors.