Parking Integration


Acquired a Parking Company. Added a plethora of new data and services to our company offering(s). We needed to add features that were both meaningful and attractive in order to add value to our users and allow our sales team to promote our new parking services

Design Goals

  • Design 3 new features (or feature enhancements)
  • Must be small enough for engineering to do 1 per release (6 weeks)
  • Features cannot interfere with core User Experience (App is still about finding the best route, and learning about whats going on around you). 


  • Have a general understanding what our new Parking team is capable of
  • Assign team to each take a week to wireframe 1 parking story from start to finish for each one of our personas.
  • Find where persona’s needs overlap and create common use cases
  • Vet common use cases with Engineering (time) and product (strategy) 

Understanding the Data Content

Our first part of the process was understanding everything that our new parking app was capable of


Each designer took 1 week to complete one story (start to finish) for each persona:

  • Busy Commuter
  • Road Warrior
  • Soccer Mom

Example story


In this story, our road warrior is looking at his busy schedule for the next day. He has a meeting downtown and wants to figure out where he’s going to park the night before. He finds a place, adds it to his route. The next day, he is alerted of when its time to leave, complete with a parking “buffer”. Once parked, he is able to pay through the app and get walking directions to his meeting. Afterwards, he is routed back to his car with a view of how long his meter has gone. 

Features Present:

  • Predictive Parking availability
  • Parking time added to trip time
  • Parking payment
  • Walking directions
  • Live Parking meter

Putting it all together

After we put our stories up on the board together, shared needs, stories, and features began to emerge. The most common part of the whole experience, was “how do I find parking?” or parking discovery. Parking payments, timers, and intelligence stories were few and far between. 

The Stories we ended up going forward with are:

  1. Show Parking Near Search Result
  2. Offer parking near destination (Auto Park)
  3. Add Parking to Trip


Story 1: Show Parking Near a Search Result

Story 2: Offer Parking near destination

Story 3: Add Parking to Trips


Product needed to show more On-Street Parking – a huge offering for INRIX. We decided to throw out “Add Parking to Trips” flow. Trips was a newer feature that was only being used by a very small percentage of users.  We knew people were searching, and driving with us. We added “Show On-Street Parking on Map” as an additional story. As a bonus, Engineering said they could add an additional story to add parking while driving at a low cost since they were making parking calls along with route calls on for the ”Offer Parking Near my Destination” story.

Final Designs

Show Parking Near a Search Result

Offer Parking Near Destination (Auto Park)

On-Street Parking